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Integrated Marketing Services

Without solid sales and marketing strategies, even the most impressive properties simply cannot perform. Backed by years of experience in the hospitality industry, the expert sales and marketing teams at LHS offer a fresh perspective and proven, goal-oriented strategies to increase brand awareness, market penetration and ROI.

Our diverse client base ranges from large branded hotels to small hospitality establishments, carrying out an integration of both traditional and contemporary marketing strategies that will guarantee your hospitality business maximum marketing ROI.

With an open-minded approach, we accomplish this objective by reviewing and challenging all aspects of marketing; Complete and comprehensive market analyses to determine a market’s viability, current and potential competition, a marketing plan to strategically align the sales and marketing efforts with the competitive nature of each market, effective and aggressive rate and inventory strategies to maximize all revenue opportunities gaining more than fair market share, comprehensive price evaluations of the market based on product, services, supply and demand to ensure appropriate pricing, experience and knowledge that maximizes hotel marketing and sales opportunities available through branding.



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