Be The Belle of YOUR Ball With These Nail Art Ideas

Be The Belle of YOUR Ball With These Nail Art Ideas

When it’s almost wedding time, you start stressing about your nails and how they are going to appear. It can be very stressful because most brides in Kenya may not really know what works with the outfits. Some may opt to go with colors that match their brides maids, others may prefer colors that blend with their gowns, others love bright colors, others dark but they may not be aware that there are different types of nail art out there and all they need to do is ask.

Brides should be open-minded when it comes to their nails because that’s what they can have some fun with. There is a lot of creativity out there and limiting brides can be boring, so ladies, I have compiled a few looks below for you to choose from, thank me later;

Glitter glam

For the girls who love sparkly, this is just what you need so go crazy!

Diamond-studded affair

Shine bright like a diamond girl!

Go floral

That’s a classic princess vibes and you deserve it.

Classy lace

Lace is always so elegant and rich so why not?

Gorgeous Matte

So lovely and bold, actually my favorite.

Mix it up

You can actually have it all; glitter, diamonds,matte and plain.

Goth mama

though best suited for Halloween, it’s your day and what you say, goes.

The classic french

Most brides go for this look but the secret is to keep it interesting.

Bright colors

A pop of color never hurt anyone, so make it happen!

Go naked

Nude is elegant and simple. Goes with every skin tone.