Ladies, These are the Secrets to Growing Enviable Natural Hair

Ladies, These are the Secrets to Growing Enviable Natural Hair

They say a woman’s hair is her crowning glory, one of the features that makes for an attractive woman. It is no wonder then why women try all sorts of remedies to get that perfect mane.

Women will spend their weekends preparing home-made hair masks consisting of eggs, avocadoes, honey you name it. They will painstakingly leave the melange in their hair the whole day and go through the hassle of washing it out all in a bid to get silky, enviable hair.


Companies have cashed in on women’s desire to have beautiful hair, coming up with an array of products that promise to result in long, silky, soft hair. From the latest shea butter trend that is all the rage in the country to the Hair Finity tablets being touted as the magic drug for long hair, women have a wide range of products to choose from and many have no problem sinking thousands on hair products.

While some products have been said to work for some people, they don’t work for others so instead of sinking money into products whose success is not guaranteed and side effects are unknown, why not follow some simple tips that will help you get healthy hair, maybe not grow your hair four inches, but definitely make it stronger, which prevents shedding and helps growth:

Don’t let your braids stay for more than three weeks. I can hear a number of women say – “three weeks only!”. Yes, dirt can accumulate pretty quickly in braids and with constant oiling, there will be a build up which settles at the roots and will cause your hair to cut. There are people who go so far as staying with their braids for more than a month and then simply redo the front and back sections of their hair and stay with the braids for another four weeks. That is a no-no. Not only is that bad for hair growth, but it is unhygienic. As much as it may be a costly affair to continuously braid your hair, just do it and your hair will thank you.

Trim those split ends. Whenever a woman hears trim and hair in the same sentence, they imagine a large chunk of the hair they have worked so hard to grow will get chopped off. That is not the case; trimming and chopping hair are two different things, the latter, which involves getting rid of split ends, is what you need to do at least once or twice a year. The thing about split ends is they progress up the hair and one ends up having more split ends which makes the hair weak and it cuts and the cycle continues. Trimming ensures your hair stays strong and doesn’t fall off. A warning though, there are some women who take the trimming issue a bit too far and every other month, they go trimming their hair even when there are no split ends and then they wonder why their hair never grows. There’s no need to trim your hair if there are no split ends unless you are going for a short style.

‘Clean’ eating. What goes inside your body will show outside your body so you need to start eating healthy. Cut off the junk food (well not completely, you can have a cheat day every now and then) and make sure you eat balanced meals that include fruits, vegetables, proteins and carbohydrates. This is the one step you need to follow if you want to get healthy hair yet it tends to be the most underrated. Instead of spending thousands of shillings buying hair supplements and products, why not start at the market by buying fresh produce to feed your body (and your hair?)